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shirt: Dior Homme

Actor: Scoot McNairy



Los Angeles, CA

October 16, 2015


Photography: Michael Clifford

Creative Director: Deborah Ferguson





Actor Scoot McNairy known for his co-starring role on AMC’s ‘Halt and Catch Fire’ and his current role in film Batman Vs Superman not to mention his supporting roles in Oscar winning films ‘Argos” and  ’12 years a Slave’ has established him as one of the most sought actors in the film industry. He remains a fun to be around, humble, focused actor, producer , and husband.


Interview by Jamie Kourt.

What was it about, not so much the vocation, but the art form/craft, of acting that drew you to it?

I have always really just loved films so I just found myself wanting to be a part of the film making process I.e in front of the camera or many of the jobs behind the camera. It all is very interesting to me. 

Producing can be wonderful and sometimes thankless work.  What do you look for in a work that you want to take on in this capacity?

Well you really have to love it. It takes so much effort and persistence to get a film made.  If your going to spend years of you life getting this thing off the ground, you got to love the project. 

To you, what is the best story that has ever been told- on film-paper-myths-legends-true world?

The ones that just can’t be true. I love when it’s a true story.  I love stories that are grounded. 

You have recently completed filming on the next Batman movie.  BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN?  Who do you think is the more interesting superhero of the two?  

To be honest, I didn’t grow up reading comic books.  From the point of view of someone who was fortunate enough to work on this amazing film, I can see why both characters are so appealing to their fans.  They both have amazing super powers, and they both work for the good of humanity.

Was working on a such an iconic film series, and fiercely beloved franchise, been something you have long wanted to do, or even considered before you were hired on?  

I’m always looking to work on great projects with great filmmakers and casts, and this has it all.  I wouldn’t say I’ve always considered it to be an option, so I am very grateful to have had this opportunity.

Set in the 1980’s, Halt and Catch Fire is a particularly interesting  TV Series  given the climate of today’s modern computer industry.  Did you know about this pre-Silicon Valley existence and its’ impact on business today?

Sure. I grew up in the late 80’s early 90’s.   I was messing with radios and CB radios and played a lot of computer games when I was really young.  But having worked on this show. I look at computers differently. Just have a lot more respect for the people that built them and an appreciation for the devises. 

What is it about these characters that makes this show so compelling?  Do you think these people could fully imagine what the future held for technology, what their “catching fire” would lead to?  

I think that a lot what the show is about.  Partnerships in business in America and how this tech industry at that time was very unregulated and sort of the Wild West.  These charters to me just feel like real people in this time period.

shirt: Dior Homme

We touched upon costumes a bit.  Do you like to get involved in layering/putting together character’s look, or do you leave it to the department heads?  Are you ever kept away from this process by the powers that be, and if so, what would be the benefit?

I am pretty sure all actors are very specific about the clothes that a character wears.  It’s the final layer of the character. Yes I am involved but it’s a back and forth to find what looks right and then what feels right. 

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working, to not think about work entirely?

I like riding motorcycles, fishing and building stuff with lumber. 

Next on your list for work, travel, life?

You never know. Just hang on and keep a smile on your face.

What would you want for your last meal on earth?

A glass of water.

suit and shirt: Costume National

Photography: Michael Clifford

Creative Director: Deborah Ferguson

Layout Art Director: Anisa Bashiri

Fashion Editor: Nicholas Klam @ Jed Root

Grooming: Shannon Pezzetta @ Starworks Group


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