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Actress: Cleopatra Coleman

West Hollywood, CA

February 17, 2016

Photographer: Frederic Auerbach

Realization: Deborah Ferguson

jacket: Zaid Affas / tights: Wear Commando / shorts: American Apparel 

 Interview by Deborah Ferguson

Can you share a bit about your acting life in Australia before you moved to the US?
I started acting on television when I was 15 and I just grew up doing it. As a competitive dancer, it was something that I felt was the next step for me, and I was lucky enough to be able to pursue it fully from a young age and to continue to pursue and sustain it as a career in another country. It’s been quite the adventure!

Do you have family members who inspire and support you?
I have many family members who inspire and support me. I come from a family of characters. Travelers, artists, and entrepreneurs with an eclectic history spanning the whole world. Truly remarkable people. And they are all supportive and inspirational in their own way.

body suit: House of CB / skirt: Zaid Affas / earrings: Designed by Stylist

As you have a successful background in theater and dance, have you considered pursuing theatre acting on Broadway?
Absolutely.That’s something I would love to do one day. There’s nothing like theater.

What small or big difference have you noticed between your day-to-day life in Australia and your new life in Los Angeles?

The first thing that comes to mind is: Australia–less driving. Los Angeles–more thriving.

What was it like having The Last Man on Earth be nominated for a Critics Choice Award?
It was so great. This is a group of people I adore working with, so it was nice to just have a night out together. I got to meet some of my all-time favorite actors that night, so it was a real thrill – I’ll never forget it.


What was your first thought once you booked such a great role?
Shit. Then Yay! Then Oh, shit. Then YAY!!

Can you share any insights on your character for the current season?
All I can say is nothing.


top: Costume National / tights: Wear Commando / ankle boots: Jerome Rousseau

dress: Rami Al Ali

You have decorated career as a dancer; would you like to incorporate dance into an upcoming project?

Absolutely. I have some ideas but I don’t want to give it away. But it involves my early dance videos; I will say that.

If family or friends visit from Australia are there any particular places and/or experiences you wish them to see or know?
Yes, there’s this great place its called my couch and it is wonderful. My dad is Vegan so when he’s here it always turns into a vegan restaurant safari which I love.

What is a typical day-off like for Cleopatra Coleman?
Yoga and writing and Seinfeld. I don’t have days off really, I have some time in each day to relax between working if that makes sense. If it’s not writing, then I’m learning lines or I’m making gifs or I’m updating my Pinterest or downloading archive footage or hunting down Giallo films… and now I’m laughing at how pretentious I sound, but I gotta say, I’m the real deal. I don’t do this to be cool. In fact, I’ve never been cool a day in my life but I’m cool with that, which makes me cool maybe?

earrings: Designed by Stylist

Is there any part of Los Angeles you find yourself naturally drawn to relax, shop and/or explore?
There are some great hikes where I live so I love doing that and also just walking around. A nice stroll will do wonders. But mostly I love hanging at home, it’s the most relaxing place in the world to me.

Do you have any “hidden gems” in Los Angeles that you go to for beauty treatments or shopping?
Yes thrifting in random areas is great because they tend to have a lower population of like, hipsters and fashion bloggers so there’s a lot more to choose from!

What are some of you favorite bands? Do you enjoy live shows and music festivals in Los Angeles? For example Coachella?
My musical taste is all over the place and I’m kind of an obsessive person that will play an album until I hate it so much that it makes me physically ill to listen to it anymore. Right now I am obsessing over this UK group Real Lies. They’re like The Streets but for this new generation. I don’t hate it yet. Before that it was Neon Indian. We went to his LA show last month. It was cool. I will most likely be making an appearance at Coachella, yes. UNDERWORLD IS PLAYING. I’LL PROBABLY BE GEEKING OUT OVER THAT FOR A MINUTE.

What did your incredible background in theater, dance and television acting in Australia give you that you might not have otherwise experience in Los Angeles at a young age?
I guess it’s kinda cool how it worked out because I got to experience the innocence of growing up in Australia, yet still work in the industry, a rather small industry, and keep my innocence somewhat. That might not have been possible had I been working in Hollywood as a teenager. Might not be so well adjusted. There’ a community of little Aussie actors who worked as teenagers and we all know each other or know of each other, a lot of us are working in the US now, and it’ s cool to see.

Do you have any projects or goals outside of film and TV?
I keep saying I’ll get back into DJing, but then TV or movie stuff comes up, but I still want to sometime into the future.

jacket: Zaid Affas / tights: Wear Commando / ankle boots: Jerome Rousseau

earrings: Designed by Stylist

Follow Cleopatra Coleman: @cleopatracoleman

Photography: Frederic Auerbach

Creative Director & Fashion Editor: Deborah Ferguson

Layout Art Director: Anisa Bashiri

Makeup Stylist: Roxy @ Tomilson Management Group

Hair Stylist: Pamela Neal @ Exclusive Arts Management using R+Co Hair Care


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