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necklace: Stefere Jewelry

A Hunger for Fine Jewelry

Photography: Frederic Auerbach

Creative Director: Deborah Ferguson

Model: Masha Rudenko


black and white diamond necklace set in white gold: Stefere Jewelry | Waterdrop Diamond ear cuff: Runa Jewelry

ear cuff (white diamond, white gold): Runa Jewelry | white and black diamond, white gold lips necklace: Stefere Jewelry | ebony, white diamond and gold duck ring: Stefere Jewelry

T-Shirt: compliments of “Sing” (Disney Studios) | dragon cuff (ebony, gold and diamonds): Stefere Jewelry | duck ring (ebony, diamond and gold): Stefere Jewelry | Taj Majal ring: Runa Jewelry

Bengal Cat: Kille | sweatshirt: American Apparel | Wings earrings (diamond and white gold): Runa Jewelry | Pave diamond hand bracelet: Loree Rodkin | tights: Wolford | earring white diamond Safety Pin: Runa Jewelry | rings (left to right) four finger white diamond /white gold snake ring: Stefere Jewelry; white diamond Hollywood cover ring set in black: Stefere Jewelry; white and black diamond LG open tear drop Quatrefoil ring: Loree Rodkin; white diamond/white gold all pave: Loree Bondage | white diamond and yellow gold 4 finger cuff: Stefere Jewelry

body Suit, tights: Wolford | gold Origami earrings: Stefere Jewelry | Phoenix Knuckle brown diamond ring: Loree Rodkin | pearl and pink diamonds cross pendant: Stefere Jewelry

sweater: American Apparel | Pink Aurore ring: Stefere Jewelry | Baby spiderweb bondage ring (black diamonds and emeralds): Loree Rodkin | spider choker in 18k black gold, black diamond and green garnet: Stefere Jewelry

Photography: Frederic Auerbach

Creative Director: Deborah Ferguson

Makeup: Debra Ferullo @ Tracey Mattingly using Dynamic Nourishing Cream by Retrouve Skincare

Hair: Preston Wada @ Opus Beauty using R+Co Hair Care

Layout Art Director: Richard Ho

Model: Masha Rudenko

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